TCL Debuts Alto Roku Smart Sound Bar

TCL Debuts Alto Roku Smart Sound Bar

It will feature integration with Roku Connect and Roku Entertainment System, allowing your TV to be controlled by voice commands. Further, the 6-Series models' iPQ Engine is said to provide precise color replication and HDR Pro Gamma to significantly improve HDR performance in any setting.

At the start of the current Australian Line up will be the powerhouse of the TCL fleet the P6 series featuring Android TV and 4K HDR panel.

CES 2018 has mostly been about TVs and displays with companies introducing new and interesting innovations in the lineup. Today at CES, Roku offered a preview of the soundbar that it's plainly branding as the TCL Roku Smart Soundbar.

For more information on the Alto audio line and TCL's TV announcements, visit TCL's website, or check out the TCL booth at CES (booth No. 12929 in Central Hall).

TCL has also announced the 5 Series and the company has said that this series marries superior 4K UHD picture quality with Dolby Vision HDR for a stellar imaging experience.

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The soundbar is the first gadget out of the blocks to fit into Roku Connect, Roku's recently revealed platform for tying entertainment tech, like TV streaming boxes, speakers and other devices together.

Though full specs have not been announced yet, the Roku Smart Sound Bar will use Roku Connect to pair with other compatible AV products for a whole home entertainment solution.

TCL is the largest distributor of Roku TVs in the United States and the largest TV manufacturer in China. The Roku OS allows it to stream and access to millions of movies and TV shows through a simple user interface. The TVs span two different series: the 6-Series and the 5-Series. "We envision a broader Roku ecosystem where the TV is the center of the home entertainment experience, making Roku TV even more desirable".

"Roku TV is growing fast in popularity, and TCL is a key partner who is instrumental in its success", said Roku CEO Anthony Wood. "With Roku Connect it will make it easy to add great sound to an already great TV". Pricing for the 55-inch is $649, unchanged for the model it replaces.

TCL is an exceptional Roku TV partner and a natural fit to be the first partner to plan to build a smart soundbar under our new licensing program. "The 5-Series has television sizes ranging from 43" to 65".