The Overwatch World League's first round smashes it out of the park

The Overwatch World League's first round smashes it out of the park

The inaugural Overwatch League season will take place between now and June, with all games being enacted at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles. He explained that he views Overwatch League as "really professional", but lower tier scenes are "more wild west". These players "cared about the game they were playing", and they "cared about this league" (, 1/10).

Twitch has been making some big moves since that time, running stream marathons of popular shows like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Starcade, and finding new partners with esports competitions. The Dragons were the ones from this match up that were expected to take home the win with some of their pre-season games being great matches, but in the end the Gladiators were able to dominate with another score of 4-0. Blizzard says it will split proceeds on the skins with the teams.

Fans have been waiting for the start of the Overwatch League for over a year and on January 10th 2018 it finally came to our screens.

Activision Blizzard, the largest videogame publisher in the market value, said "Overwatch" has 35 million players.

Blizzard said the company is constantly striving for what Kaplan referred to as a "world class" broadcasting capability that rivals, and may one day exceed, what traditional sports leagues can do.

Blizzard has a lot to celebrate over with everything they've accomplished with Overwatch. For the first season, 12 franchises are representing major cities around the globe.

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The first day of the league ended with the Los Angeles Valiant, Los Angeles Gladiators, and Seoul Dynasty each securing their first victory. Dynasty met their match as they clashed against the Dallas Fuel.

Each new skin you acquire will cost 100 League tokens and more tokens can be bought within the game. Fans can purchase tickets to attend matches, which will be played each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Both Los Angeles teams ran riot in their respective matches, and watching fans may have been getting a bit anxious that we would go the entire first day without seeing an actual competitive match.

But Blizzard's push to publicize the Overwatch League would be futile if the matches themselves weren't up to scratch.

Therefore, one of the biggest gaming events nearly didn't have a home. In response to the query, the game director said, "Blizzard World and the new loot box items release early this year".