Ferrari 488 Pista: Here It Is, Finally

Ferrari 488 Pista: Here It Is, Finally

According to an Australian source, Ferrari officially unveiled 2018 488 Pista and it will cost $645,000 drive-away. Like the hardcore Ferraris of generations past, the 488 Pista has been optimized for track use by borrowing some parts from Ferrari's motorsports efforts. And, while that may be a common refrain from the automaker, in this case the connections are even more obvious. Because that wasn't enough, the Italians also fiddled with the engine to increase the power by 50bhp to a total of 720 horsepower, which is an incredible 185 horsepower per liter considering the V8 engine displaces 3.9-litres.

As you'd expect the 488 Pista is no slouch with it only needing 2.85 seconds to reach 62 miles per hour and 7.6 seconds to reach 124 miles per hour.

On Wednesday morning, Ferrari confirmed the existence of a new permutation of its mid-engined V-8 supercar: The 488 Pista, which means "racetrack" in Italian. The weight savings result in a auto that's 90kg lighter than the original, at 1,280kg dry weight. The F1-inspired S-Duct at the front helps with downforce, as do the new front diffusers which come in at a new angle. It features a new Inconel exhaust, and has a design clearly influenced by the 488 GTE race vehicle, with the same "S-Duct" and sharp-angled front diffuser creating a ramp for airflow for extra downforce. Ferrari claims the net effect of the aero improvements is a 20% increase in downforce. It should sound more furious than the 488 GTB, too.

Ferrari 488 Pista Geneva Speciale

If you thought that the revised Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991.2) was something special, Ferrari is here to remind you that it can still deliver the goods. The objective was to make the car's performance on the limit easier to reach and control. That's involved both design decisions and a fair amount of technology.

Ferrari's sixth version of its Side-Slip Angle Control (SSC) system is present to tame all that power, and includes the following systems: E-Diff3, F1-Trac, magnetorheological suspension (SCM) and, for the first time ever, the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE). Trick software (including a function that adjusts the pressure of the brake calipers) helps drivers make the most of the Pista's power regardless of their skill level behind the wheel.

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