Amazon Has a New Strategy to Win Over Video Game Developers

Amazon Has a New Strategy to Win Over Video Game Developers

Announced ahead of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, it's a clear effort to increase prizing in competitive games. The gaming world has increasingly become more social in recent years, thanks to the rise of streaming on platforms like Twitch - which Amazon purchased in 2014 for $970 million - YouTube and recently Microsoft's Mixer, and engagement is an important part of every game.

The new service built on Amazon Web Services is called GameOn, and it bolsters Amazon's offerings to entice game developers to use its cloud services.

While GameOn won't actually enable PC gamers to pit their twitchy mouse skills against the controller-wrangling abilities pf console enthusiasts in the same game, they will be able to compete against each other in the same competitions and league tables. And AWS offers a host of developer tools, game engines and more products for companies looking to use cloud services to build their games. It looks to be aimed at games with a competitive spirit that don't quite have the "L337" skills to compete in the professional esports arena.

nWay, the developer of free-to-play mobile multiplayer games, started integrating Amazon GameOn competitions into Saban's Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. "GameOn has made it easy for us to add leaderboards and tournaments in-game", said Pascal Clarysse, CMO, Eden Games.

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According to Marja Koopmans, director of Amazon Competitive Gaming, the tools are created to enable competitions by location, and Amazon logins aren't required unless prizes are won. "GameOn saved us months of development and a whole lot of maintenance and logistical overhead in the long run".

GameOn is meant to get people more invested in games through these competitions and incentives, thereby helping developers make more money. In addition, new upcoming releases from Canvas Games, Superpower, PlaySide Studios, and Asmodee Digital will leverage GameOn technology to bring competitions to their fans. After that time, 35,000 views per day are free, with additional views coming in at $0.003 each.

One interesting aspect is any real-world prizes will be fulfilled and delivered by Amazon, showing that the firm's gaming and cloud-based services have the potential to feed back into its shopping service and real-world deliveries, though only in the U.S. at launch.