'American Idol' 2018 Premiere Time, Channel & TV Schedule

'American Idol' 2018 Premiere Time, Channel & TV Schedule

The "American Idol" reboot kicks off this weekend, and new judge Katy Perry may be your best reason to watch. At one time, it was one of the most popular shows on television with more than 38 million viewers. The roster is made up of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan.

Tonight on ABC the American Idol 2018 premiere starts with its season kickoff at 8/7c!

Local contestant Genavieve Linkowski will be featured on American Idol on March 19.

I was initially concerned that the show was again going in the celebrity judge direction, and especially after her hosting of the MTV Video Music Awards, Katy Perry's expensive casting did not give me hope.

There also seems to be a bit more humanity in Idol 2.0, with fewer auditions for truly awful singers sent in just so we can laugh at and mock them, and more of those meant-to-be-heartwarming segments that show the singers back home in their real lives.

Perhaps sensing some general need for respite - from unpleasantness, cruelty, bullies - ABC resurrects an American Idol that's cozily familiar, reassuring even, with the franchise's recognizable markers intact and the spikier inclinations of previous incarnations left behind.

When I talked with "Idol" judge Paula Abdul several years ago, she said that "there's a lot of talented people there".

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While the show might not be a completely flawless format for new artists, Alaina is still thrilled to see it returning in 2018, after being off the air for two years.

Will it be awkward with Ryan Seacrest out there? If you want a cheap show, order something in a genre that's inherently cost-effective. "I mean, I have a guy and this bass lake and his job is to grow the bass to the biggest bass in the world", Bryan admitted to laughter among the audience.

Now, "American Idol" is making its comeback today after a two-year hiatus since closing the book on its 15 and final season on Fox.

DEGGANS: But the show doesn't savor their awfulness or make fun of them like it did in the past back when tough Brit Simon Cowell was on the judges' table.

Why mess with success was Seacrest's attitude when he was asked what would be different about the re-launch of American Idol? "You're looking for those chill-bump moments", he tells ABC Radio. "They need, like, a real legit American Idol". It's a reference that Luke Bryan says he doesn't understand, but the contestant knows, and is emotionally affected by it. I remind myself and I'm reminded and I'm inspired by all of their stories. "Now, I'm not saying you should come on the show because you're homeless and I'll feel sorry for you. It was one of our favorite places when we'd go to audition cities, because we knew we'd get someone good". "Here's the deal", she continues, "You're not a pop star".

"As a judge, you know, we're gonna make some mistakes here", Luke points out. Still, her cameo might remind viewers of "Idol's" two other big-name alums - Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson.