Far Cry 5 to include Arcade mode

Far Cry 5 to include Arcade mode

After spending some time playing the game at a Ubisoft press event in Livermore, CA-which included a crossbow range and tons of barbecue-we took some time to discuss what Far Cry 5 is setting out to do.

Far Cry 5 releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC at the end of the month.

That's the core game, anyway. The developer has launched "Ghost Recon Wildlands" and "Assassin's Creed Origins" with short live-action trailers as well, and have even come up with a live action short feature for "Tom Clancy's The Division" back in 2016. Here's what to expect. Each Tuesday in April will have Far Cry 5 live events, which will presumably be live events that will occur within the Far Cry 5 open world of Hope County.

"In the first, Hours of Darkness, you'll be thrown into war-ravaged Vietnam and have to fight your way through enemy forces, rescue POWs, and try to evac amidst the chaos". You'll be given jetpacks and advanced weaponry as you are tasked with thwarting the alien invasion taking place on the planet.

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And a 30-minute short film called Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate debuted on Amazon Prime, giving wider context to an earlier live-action trailer called The Baptism, and according to its own promo following a small team of video bloggers investigating the unsafe cult. "Dead Living Zombies" sounds like a Horde mode-type experience in which players will battle "waves of zombies across different scenarios cooked up by a b-movie director". For more information regarding Far Cry Arcade, check out the handy trailer here.

And of course, as previously announced, Season Pass owners will get early access to Far Cry 3: Classic Edition four weeks before it becomes available as a standalone purchase. It's called Far Cry Arcade, and it contains around 7,000 objects pulled from the Far Cry series, as well as Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed. Most exciting is the reveal of the Far Cry Arcade, a mode that features custom creations from the community and Ubisoft. Ubisoft says any experience points, perks, or money you earn in the Arcade will transfer over to your main game.

Ubisoft has big plans for Far Cry 5 post-launch. These will basically be limited-time goals you'll be able to achieve to unlock cool gear.

That's it for the Far Cry 5 Season Pass. The game will be receiving both free content and a Season Pass containing three content DLCs.