Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition cracked before it's even out, report claims

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition cracked before it's even out, report claims

The Final Fantasy XV base game, with new trophies/achievements.

Additionally, Square Enix stated that the first new DLC pack will in fact be Episode: Ardyn and they will be releasing four episodes, as we're already aware of, and the new content coming down the pipeline will offer "something meaningful" to the player experience and will offer something "with value".

Archive Players can review the “Cosmogony” stories scattered throughout the Final Fantasy XV world.

Expanded area: Insomnia City Ruins - the late-game area will include various new sidequests and new boss enemies including Omega, Cerberus, and the Rulers of Yore.

All Season Pass content - including Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto, the Comrades multiplayer expansion, and Episode Ignis.

Square Enix assures potential buyers that the Windows Edition is a quality port, explicitly detailing PC-only optimizations such as full mouse and keyboard support, widescreen 21:9 display support, and support for Windows Sonic, among others.

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The Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition is out on March 6th, 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One.

AlienFX Integration - Allows for a more immersive experience with lighting effects tied directly to in-game action on Alienware peripherals.

In addition, it also throws in extra quests for the game's Comrades multiplayer expansion, as well as fresh Royal Sigils and chocobo breeding.

However, as players are just starting to prepare for Final Fantasy XV on the PC, hackers have already cracked the game days before its official release.

So Final Fantasy fans, are you planning on getting this special edition of Final Fantasy XV? Tell us what you think below.