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Putin: Unlike US, Russia Didn't Use Nukes against Other Countries

Putin: Unlike US, Russia Didn't Use Nukes against Other Countries

"I believe that President (Vladimir) Putin has clearly come to the conclusion that there's little price to pay and that therefore, 'I can continue this activity."' Rogers testified. "Moreover, on a personal level he made a very good impression on me".

It was not immediately clear when Putin made the remarks.

He told the host of World Order 2018, 'This is called reciprocal strike. "Of course, there were few of those, who expected us to act so quickly, so resolutely, if not brazenly", Putin said.

Trump and his administration have denied the allegations of the ties with Russian Federation, however, Trump's attitude and policies have remained questionable towards Putin.

When asked by Kelly if Russian Federation would extradite the individuals to the United States, Putin sternly denied any such possibility.

Speaking about the bitter tensions in Russia-West relations, Mr Putin said they have been rooted in Western efforts to contain and weaken Russia. "Without an effectively working economy, without a social sphere that creates the foundation for political stability, we can't talk about any greatness".

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He said he was particularly dismayed by what he described as the U.S. role in the ousting of Ukraine's Russia-friendly president in February 2014 amid massive protests.

During the Maidan events in Kiev in 2014, Washington asked Moscow to persuade then-president Viktor Yanukovych not to use the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Russian Federation responded by annexing Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula. He continued: "Those who serve us with poison will eventually swallow it and poison themselves". Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again stressed the importance of understanding the lessons of history.

"This is being treated as a major incident involving attempted murder, by administration of a nerve agent", he said.

On March 6, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warned that any involvement of a foreign government in the incident would not go "unpunished". But then Russia has denied its troops were in Crimea when they clearly were, denied interfering in the United States election when it clearly did and denied a passenger plane flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down by pro-Moscow rebels using a Russian-made Buk missile, killing 298 people, despite convincing evidence. If there is this decision to destroy Russian Federation then we have a legal right to respond'. "For the world it will be a global catastrophe".

"The American partners appealed to us and asked us to do everything, and I say nearly literal request, to make Yanukovych not to employ the army to allow the opposition to free the squares, administrative buildings and proceeded to the fulfillment of the reached agreements on the normalization of the situation", Russian president said.