Apple Working on Curved Screens, Touchless Tech for iPhone, Report Says

Apple Working on Curved Screens, Touchless Tech for iPhone, Report Says

Both the projects are reportedly in their early stages of research and development.

The report also states that Apple is testing screens that gradually curve from top to bottom. This would involve a screen where the actual middle of the display is lower than the top and bottom edges, resembling LG's Flex smartphone to an extent. Based on the movement of the fingers, the iPhone's software would respond. However, it is uncertain how much of the iPhone X's features will end up in the new iPad Pro build.

The other part of the report also isn't entirely new - we've heard rumors about the iPhone with a curved screen for years. From a tutorial on the new features in Notes to showing users how to manage multiple emails, Apple is working hard to show off all the available features to existing and potential future customers.

That said, the new gesture control system and the curved screen technology is at least two years away from now.

The work comes as the Cupertino, California-based smartphone pioneer looks to make its gadgets stand out.

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The new displays is a new gesture control feature.

With the iPhone X off to a weaker than expected start, Apple has been scrambling to offer better innovations in future devices.

Apple is staying ahead of the curve by introducing features not found in competitors' models. Though it sounds like Apple's version of touchless gestures will be a bit different on how they are implemented.

That change required a multi-year switchover program, with Apple developers needing to fully rewrite many programs, and the company shipping an emulator - Rosetta - that could run older code at reduced speeds. Now, more than a decade later the company is planning to explore possibilities beyond touching glass screens all the time.