Fortnite remains offline because of database trouble, no ETA on its return

Fortnite remains offline because of database trouble, no ETA on its return

Unfortunately, the servers are still down as the moment of writing this article.

Epic said the culprit is a "database failure", and it's working hard to solve the issue. Many of those players would have been surprised to find out that they couldn't log into the game and couldn't get past the start screen.

"I don't say "kill" because in Fortnite the game is very much a cartoon style, there isn't a high level of realism that you might see in other games".

An announcement sent from the Fortnite Twitter page confirmed that servers had been taken offline for maintenance. The developer has not given gamers a timeframe on how long the fix will take, but they will be keeping players informed as they work out the issues here.

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And they've revealed that Fortnite servers is still experiencing "extended instability".

There's no bigger game in the video game space these days than Fortnite, but for the past 12 hours, fans haven't been able to play it. The game is preventing a lot of people from logging in, acting like they're entering the wrong username and/or password. The folks at Epic Games noticed that and they chose to shutdown the servers for a couple of hours in order to fix the login issues. "We now have no ETA on when servers will be back up", reads a tweet from the official Fortnite account. In fact, it looks like the reports that the Fortnite server is down stretch back the better part of a full day.

Luckily, Epic Games just updated their original statement, "UPDATE 11:45 - We've made progress on our internal investigations and believe we may understand the problem!".