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Pence informed United States leaders of Syria announcement

Pence informed United States leaders of Syria announcement

So, while the president and his advisers weigh whether or not to respond to the chemical attack, Vice President Mike Pence is being sent instead.

How ironic that today the US president is disfiguring the North-American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the argument that Mexico takes unfair advantage of the United States!

Trump who had planned to attend the Summit of the Americas canceled his trip a few days before the meeting, choosing to stay in Washington to oversee the American response to chemical attacks by the Assad regime.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise issued a statement supporting the president's decision to carry out the strikes alongside the United Kingdom and France.

Pence was attending the Summit of the Americas on Friday before being whisked away from the gathering and to his hotel shortly before Trump's address to the nation.

Relations between the countries have also been strained amid mysterious sonic attacks that USA diplomats in Havana say have left them with ailments including headaches, hearing problems and concussions.

"I was seeing reports of some empty speeches by right-wing, unpopular, murderous, imperialist lackey presidents", Maduro said during his Saturday speech.

The Trump administration has rolled back many of Obama's overtures to open travel and commerce with the island and withdrawn most of its diplomats in Cuba over mysterious "sonic attacks" in Havana.

Pence had been scheduled to attend a banquet hosted by Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Friday night, and it was not immediately clear if he would still attend.

Vice President Mike Pence says the USA will provide almost $16 million in humanitarian aid for Venezuelans who have fled their country during the political crisis under President Nicolas Maduro.

Shortly after arriving Friday, Pence announced the US would provide almost $16 million in humanitarian aid to Venezuelans who are fleeing.

The declaration expressing concern over the "aggravation of the crisis" was signed by Argentina, the Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Lucia and the United States.

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Calling Venezuela "a failed state" where poverty and crime were rampant, Pence said, "The responsibility for the Venezuelan people's suffering can be laid at the feet of one man: Nicolas Maduro".

The U.S. president has been pushing a tougher line on immigration and seeking stronger protections along the U.S.

Pence's meeting with Pena Nieto will follow Trump's recent calls for National Guard troops to be stationed along the border.

Pence is in Lima for an worldwide summit.

Antonio Ledezma, the former mayor of Caracas, pleaded with Pence through a translator to bolster sanctions against Maduro, asking for "not only humanitarian aid but humanitarian intervention".

But U.S. and Chinese trade will loom large over talks as a heated dispute between the world's two biggest economies continues to fan fears of a trade war.

Vice President Mike Pence has told Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that the "encouraged" by the progress on negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement and hopeful it can lead to "more fair and reciprocal trade".

Pence said there was a "real possibility" that "we could arrive at an agreement within the next several weeks on a renegotiated NAFTA that would be a better deal for the American people".

Pence is departing for the Summit of the Americas in Lima on Friday.

President Donald Trump has long assailed the impact of NAFTA on USA workers and insisted on a new round of negotiations with Canada and Mexico on the deal.

In meetings with Latin American leaders, Pence plans to promote "good governance and democratic institutions" and urge allies to maintain pressure on Maduro.