Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini appears on AnTuTu, here are the possible specs

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini appears on AnTuTu, here are the possible specs

And if we look at the Galaxy C series of phones, aiming for an iPhone-like design isn't entirely new for Samsung.

As you can see from the image below, there is a considerable amount of black crush (showcasing a grainy effect) on the Galaxy S9 as compared to the Galaxy S8 unit that sits above it. It can connect to cellular networks for phone calls and text messaging but that's pretty much it.

In any case, there is a definitely a new phone by Samsung coming which boasts of an Infinity Display measuring 5.8-inch, a Super AMOLED screen, and a QHD+ resolution of 2960 x 1440p. Although I have been enjoying many aspects of the Galaxy S6 as a whole but now I need something more modern so I can keep up with the times and I recommend you do the same as well.

It is now launched in Samsung's home of South Korea and we're not sure if there are plans to eventually launch it in other markets.

Then there's battery life. The upcoming smartphone which was previously rumored to be the S9 Mini is now being speculated to be S9 Lite. Of course, the more likely explanation is that Samsung knows it has to offer its best if it intends to survive in China, but the problem here is that the regular Galaxy S9 is already available in the country.

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Also, Galaxy Note 9 should be thicker or wider to include a larger capacity battery, so an increase in its size would be offset not only by the larger screen but also by a larger battery.

However, the long-anticipated under-display fingerprint sensor is something still rumoured.

Every time users make a payment using Samsung Pay, they will earn reward points irrespective of where they spend and how they spend. So if you ever needed a Galaxy S9 with more RAM, this Chinese variant could be your next pick. And considering that Samsung has been manufacturing its own displays for over a decade, it has no one else to blame either.

Nearly all smartphones follow the same identity their siblings carry like my S6 resembles the Galaxy S9.