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Speaker Ryan Will Not Seek Re-Election in November

Speaker Ryan Will Not Seek Re-Election in November

During the interview, King mentioned a photo of Ryan along with President Trump, Vice President Pence and a number of other administration and congressional officials, all smiling and giving Trump's signature thumbs-up sign.

Congress' most powerful lawmaker Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday, April 11, he would not stand for another term in his Wisconsin district this November.

King also pressed Ryan about his relationship with Trump, with the speaker insisting that he and Trump worked well together, despite disagreeing on some issues.

With Ryan, that doesn't appear to be the case. "I feel very excluded". Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina said an emotional Ryan "choked up a few times trying to get through" his remarks and received three standing ovations.

One of the owners, Joe Quarena, said Ryan's political success has brought attention to Janesville, particularly when he was a Vice Presidential candidate and Mitt Romney's running mate in 2012. Four years later, as Trump was gaining popularity, Ryan warned the country of the divisive tactics the president continues to employ.

Most people will understand that, we think. But we're Wisconsinites. You know, we thought about that. Instead Ryan leaves the House a pathetic, pitiable figure distrusted by both Trumpkins and NeverTrumpers.

The protests Ryan offered rarely had an impact. It's why we have Trump, and why Ryan was forced to acquiesce to a man whose statements he once condemned as racist and whose personal life is the antithesis of his own.

But throughout it all, Trump's power within the party continued to grow, as Ryan's waned.

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"It injects some more uncertainty to be sure", said the No. 2 Senate Republican, John Cornyn of Texas.

Ryan has left his stamp on how congressional Republicans look at Medicaid, the public health insurance program for the poor.

Doing so, however, could risk alienating Republican conservatives such as Representative Jim Jordan, a leading member of the right-wing House Freedom Caucus, at a politically delicate time given the looming leadership shake-up in the House and November's elections that have Republicans struggling to persuade voters of their fiscal conservatism. "Trump's legacy is Ryan's legacy - that's how history will remember him". "Paul Ryan is the single least popular political leader in the country", said Jeb Fain, a spokesman for the Democrat-supporting House Majority PAC, before Ryan announced his retirement.

And so it might have gone, except that Ryan fatally compromised his integrity and reputation by his accommodation with Trump.

In recent months, Ryan has generally been more frank about the tensions of his job in private. At points, they seemed to be commiserating about the difficulty of working in the current political environment.

Ryan said moving his entire family to D.C. was never really an option for them. "The speaker thanked the chief of staff for being one of the sane guys in office".

Ryan dismissed concerns that his retirement may affect Republican efforts to keep its majority in the House. Bryce pounced on Ryan's withdrawal from the race: "We just repealed Paul Ryan", he tweeted. "I took it reluctantly".