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State Senator to Trump: Ask Greitens to Resign

State Senator to Trump: Ask Greitens to Resign

Rauner's comments came one day after a bipartisan legislative committee in Missouri released a report that described testimony from the woman in which she said Greitens initiated a physically aggressive, unwanted sexual encounter and threatened to distribute a partially nude photo of her if she spoke out. "He is not in the position that he can lead the state of Missouri at a critical time in our state's history", she said Thursday, reiterating her call from a day earlier for Greitens to leave office. Two other women who are friends of the woman confirmed that her testimony before the committee was consistent with descriptions of the encounters she'd shared with them. The state House committee has also been looking into this issue, according to a transcript of their discussions released this week.

Republican leaders in the House and Senate announced Wednesday that they're preparing to call a special session if a House committee investigating Greitens makes recommendations.

Nothing in the video indicated that the woman consented to having her photo taken, Gardner said.

For his part, Greitens has said he will not resign and will fight the allegations that he calls "lies and falsehoods".

"I've never in my practice accused a prosecutor of incompetence or misconduct, but I'm doing that this morning", defense attorney Scott Rosenblum said. "He's worked long and hard on that. I didn't see him with it". He's stopped short (of calling for Greitens to resign).

The letter was also signed by Republican Sens. For me, I relied upon the lessons I learned in my 28 years as a Missouri state trooper in my inquiries and in my consideration of the truth. Then she said Greitens added: "I felt bad, so I erased it". "He coerced the young woman". The woman testified that Greitens initiated unwanted sexual contact and slapped, grabbed and shoved her. "I don't want him leading my state". "I think his ability to lead has just evaporated", Schaaf said.

Greitens has vowed to remain in office and denied any violence or criminal wrongdoing in what he insists was "an entirely consensual relationship" with his former St. Louis hairdresser as he was preparing to run for governor in 2015.

Greitens said in a statement that the video testimony "directly contradicted allegations in the House report" and that any allegations of "coercion, violence and assault" are "false".

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Eric Greitens, charged with criminal invasion of privacy in connection with an admitted extramarital affair, faced mounting pressure to resign on Thursday after lawmakers presented detailed allegations of abuse and blackmail from the woman involved. The speaker of the state house, also a Republican, said he would call a special session of the legislature to consider disciplinary action, including impeachment. They are false. Those allegations can be refuted with facts.

Greitens maintains he will be vindicated in court.

Republican Representative Don Phillips - who served as vice-chair of the House committee that released Wednesday's report - released a statement shortly after the release from Greitens' legal team. This is inconsistent with her statements in the video interview with the Circuit Attorney.

Robert Dierker, Gardner's chief trial assistant, told the judge Gardner had fulfilled her duty by turning over the video to the defense.

Greitens on Thursday denounced the document as a one-sided narrative that he said omitted key video evidence proving his innocence.

How Greitens behaved during the affair, and especially whether he had specific sexual interactions with the woman without her consent, have become key points of dispute.

The Circuit Attorney's office filed an opposition to the perjury accusations and request to have the case thrown out.

In it, the circuit attorney claims discovery of the video was made Tuesday, and that it was delivered to the defense after all associated notes relating to it were gathered together on Thursday.