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Trump Lawyer Cohen Reportedly Seeking Restraining Order Over FBI Raids

Trump Lawyer Cohen Reportedly Seeking Restraining Order Over FBI Raids

In the filing with a court in NY, prosecutors blacked out a section describing what laws they believe Cohen has broken, but they said the "crimes being investigated involve acts of concealment" and suspected fraud.

Attorneys for Cohen have filed a restraining order on the prosecutors' inspection of the seized documents, claiming the records of Cohen's business fall under attorney-client privilege. Cohen did not appear in court Friday morning and has not been charged with a crime.

Earlier Friday, during Cohen's a court proceeding regarding the FBI raid on his offices in NY on Monday, Trump's personal attorney argued the documents and information seized endangered the confidentiality of information that might be unrelated to the FBI's investigation.

A court filing did not detail what Cohen is under investigation for. The FBI raided his office, home and hotel room on April 9.

Prosecutors have been working with a grand jury to investigate Cohen for months, they write, and they have obtained secret warrants on his "multiple different email accounts". But it is hard to extract Cohen from his work for Trump.

Assistant US Attorney Tom McKay accused Cohen of trying to invoking "wildly overbroad" claims of attorney-client privilege to avoid the disclosure of thousands of allegedly privileged communications related to the president and other cases.

Uncertainty over exactly what Federal Bureau of Investigation agents seized from Mr Cohen comes as Mr Trump faces an intensifying probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into whether his presidential campaign colluded with Russian Federation. Initially, Mueller had requested some records from Cohen while he was with the Trump family company - a position he held for about a decade - yet dropped the request after Cohen pushed back.

McClatchy is out with a report about Trump attorney Michael Cohen that could prove to be a significant development in the Robert Mueller investigation.

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The White House has consistently said Trump denies either affair.

After the raids, Cohen's lawyers asked on Friday for a chance to look over the seized evidence before allowing prosecutors to do so.

Prosecutors also say that the president's own statement that he did not know Cohen had paid Clifford may negate any claim of attorney-client privilege on that matter. Wood also ordered Cohen to provide a list of his clients.

The judge also heard from a new lawyer for Trump, Joanna Hendon, who said the president had "an acute interest" in the case.

Mr Cohen wants the judge to let his lawyers or a court-appointed "special master" review the seized materials to decide what can be turned over without violating his clients' rights to shield communications with their lawyers.

Pressed later whether Cohen was still acting as Trump's attorney, Sanders demurred. In response, prosecutors said they have set up a "taint team" to review documents before attorneys working on the case can access them.

On Monday, Cohen's attorney called the searches "completely inappropriate and unnecessary".

Michael Avenatti, the attorney representing Daniels, said it's "very possible" the adult-film actress would show up at Monday's hearing, according to The Associated Press. Cohen has vehemently denied for months he traveled to Prague in 2016 or colluded with Russian Federation during the 2016 presidential campaign.