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Turkey's Edrogan welcomes United States, allied strike on Syria chemical weapons sites

Turkey's Edrogan welcomes United States, allied strike on Syria chemical weapons sites

"With the joint operation by US, UK and France. the Syrian regime received the message that its massacres wouldn't be left unanswered", Erdogan told his ruling Justice and Development Party supporters in a meeting on Saturday in Istanbul.

Erdogan highlighted the importance of working together with France and Russian Federation to resolve Syrian crisis and importance of not escalating tensions in Syria, the sources added.

Erdogan held a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron following the strikes.

During the talks Erdogan noted the inadmissibility of using both chemical weapons and conventional weapons against the peaceful population of the country. The Turkish leader also emphasised the importance of de-escalating the tension in the region.

Both the regime of Syria's Bashar al-Assad and Russian Federation, its ally, have denied all responsibility for the April 7 attack.

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The official went on saying that "ending arm wrestling and finding a political solution are obligatory in Syria".

"Turkey considers the operation carried out early this morning by the United States, United Kingdom and France to be an appropriate response to the chemical attack which caused the deaths of many civilians in Douma on April 7", the foreign ministry said.

"Turkey was informed ahead of the attack", he wrote on Twitter.

In a statement, the Turkish foreign ministry said the US-led operation "has eased humanity's conscience in the face of" the suspected chemical attack.

Washington believes both sarin and chlorine were used in the attack, a senior United States administration official told reporters on Saturday.