California set to mandate rooftop solar on all new homes

California set to mandate rooftop solar on all new homes

The state of California might soon require that almost all newly built homes have solar panels.

The Golden State could be the first in the nation to require new homes be built with solar panels.

California is making a bold move to develop into a first state in the USA to make solar panels obligatory in homes constructed after 2020. It means that future homes would be created to meet standards that could theoretically produce enough solar power and remain off the grid.

New homes in California may soon be required to have solar panels.

"We do not minimize the cost of housing in the state - everyone recognizes that's an issue", McAllister said. Eventually, the measure may expand to include new commercial buildings being built in the state.

California Building Industry Association, which represents new home builders, has expressed reservations about the new rules, saying it wished the state would have postponed the regulations for two years.

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While solar installations are not yet mandatory in Australia, supporters want a regulatory framework which gives control back to home owners. A KB Home official said his firm has built more than 6,000 solar homes in the past seven years, mostly in California.

California, the national leader in solar technology, is about to kick it up a notch with a major new green energy mandate.

"Solar accounts for about $14,000 to $16,000 of that cost, with increased insulation and more efficient windows, appliances, lighting and heating accounting for another $10,000 to $15,000", the Orange County Register notes.

Environmentalists, however, praised the new standards. They're never going to reach that net-zero goal.

The new rules, as well as government impact fees, are estimated to make a single-family house $9,500 more costly on average, when President Trump's new tariffs on imported solar panels are taken into consideration, the Energy Commission estimates. Some gas-powered generating plants then are fired up to help meet that additional load, boosting carbon emissions.