CSF Leak (Spinal Fluid Leak) Symptoms & Treatment

CSF Leak (Spinal Fluid Leak) Symptoms & Treatment

She said that anywhere she went; she had a box full of Puffs in her pocket always.

Countless doctors told her the same thing: it was just allergies.

A woman in Nebraska had what appeared to be a runny nose for two years, but the condition turned out to be much more serious.

Finally, a doctor at Nebraska Medicine became the first to test the fluid, discover that it was leaking from her brain, and a few weeks ago a minor surgery repaired the leak that was ruining Kendra's life. During her recovery, she noticed her nose runnier than usual, reported KETV.

As stated by this Cleveland Clinic, a CSF flow occurs when fluid throughout the brain travels via a hole "through the skull bone", on average as being a effect of a traumatic accident.

The medical team at Nebraska Medicine found a small hole between Jackson's skull and her nostrils that was the source of the leak. CSF is a liquid surrounding the brain as well as the spinal cord. Jackson was travelling in her vehicle when she met with an accident and hit her face on the car's dashboard. But since the accident, she's had to stop working, plagued by headaches that felt like 'somebody hit me with a sledgehammer, ' she says. "Under these circumstances, CSF can drip from the nose and be mistaken for a runny nose".

'I was so healthy up until I had the auto accident, ' Kendra says.

"I knew something was wrong, I knew it!" said Jackson.

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On April 23, rhinologist Christie Barnes and neurosurgeon Dan Surdell at the University of Nebraska Medical Center performed a CSF leak fix, according to the spokesman for Nebraska Medicine.

Though her condition is rare, Jackson wants people to know that cerebrospinal fluid leaks can occur, particularly after head trauma: "For people who hear my story, if they're tasting a very salty taste and something's draining in the back of your throat, it's probably something other than allergies".

"[It was] like a waterfall, either continuously, and then it'd operate to the back of my throat".

"I couldn't sleep. I was like a zombie". For one Nebraska woman, that nightmare was her reality.

"We [went] through the nostrils, through the nose", Barnes told KETV, explaining that a team of doctors used Jackson's own tissue as a plug to prevent fluid from spilling out.

Now, 'I feel great, ' Kendra says.

Jackson came back to Nebraska medication to get a follow-up appointment Friday and doctors said that she had been recovering nicely.

It isn't known for certain what caused the leak, however, the woman reported being in a vehicle crash a few years before the leak first started.