Google Maps to add new features including "For You" and "Your Match"

Google Maps to add new features including

"Here's how it could-will look like", Google VP Aparna Chennapragada told the I/O crowd when unveiling a sample interface that combines Google Maps' 2D interface with the view from your smartphone's camera lens. This will be based on factors including places you have visited before, preferences you have shared with Maps, information about the business, and previous personal user ratings.

Google is going to make fumbling for directions a thing of the past.

If that wasn't enough, a new "For You" tab will let you know about all of the exciting culinary adventures taking place in your 'hood. You can choose to follow neighborhoods and dining spots you want to try.

For starters, there's a new Explore tab that will recommend places to eat or have fun at around an area you search for in the app. Google is also making recommending places that fit your tastes better thanks to "matches" that give a food or drink venue a number rating based on what Maps has learned about you such as your likes and dislikes.

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And finally, expect to see a new "For You" tab that rounds up all of those personalized recommendations. As it knows a lot about you, it knows what you might like. This, the company says, helps you differentiate among all those four-star rated restaurants and pick the one you are most likely to enjoy. The general idea here is to allow you to easily create a list of suggestions for a group outing (or just a dinner with your significant other) by long-pressing on a place listing.

If you find yourself futzing around trying to orient yourself coming out of a subway exit and your GPS is just not doing it for you, Google Maps will use visual positioning through your camera's vision to identify businesses and get a more accurate sense of direction.

Google will launch this new Google Maps experience later this summer. All the features are set to roll out globally on Android and iOS in the coming months. All these features are for app, not the web.