Is your favorite celeb a Yanny or a Laurel?

Is your favorite celeb a Yanny or a Laurel?

I've reached out to Cloe Feldman, the YouTuber with almost 4 million subscribers who tweeted the audio clip, to get some information on its origins, and will update here if I find out anything more.

While many heard the computerized voice as saying Larry, some tweeted saying they heard Yanny. It has now, in fact, also led to various news outlets conducting investigations into why some people hear "Laurel" while other hear "Yanny". And FYI, there are people who heard both Laurel and Yanny!

Much like the debate over the color of the dress, the debate quickly went viral on social media, with celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Chrissie Teigen giving their opinions on what they heard. It's a recording of a computerized voice saying one of the two names.

If you heard "Laurel", you are the victor and have earned bragging rights for this round of internet debate.

Remember the dress that people either thought was gold and white or black and blue?

The audio illusion popped up on Reddit a few days ago.

So why do we all hear different things?

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Some Twitter uses suggested a change of frequency, possibly through a change of speakers, could determine what you hear.

Here's another example of a visual cue affecting the way a word is heard.

"HOW DOES ANYONE HEAR LAUREL ITS YANNY", Twitter user zaynilla added.

Enter: the "Yanny" or "Laurel" audio clip.

"I just asked my dad what he heard and he said "nothing" and my mom said "rural".

Anyway, listen to the clip and tell what you think, we're divided in the office.