Mass. mom shares story of skin cancer survival

Mass. mom shares story of skin cancer survival

"In early-stage skin cancer it's completely curable; you have a 100-percent cure rate", said Dr. Kulkarni. It's also a good idea to take a picture of it and keep taking photos during your monthly skin checks to see if it's changing, and to have a record to show your doctor during follow-up visits. "Enjoy the summer but in a safe way and be sure to check with a dermatologist for any concerns you may have!"

The Platte Valley Skin Clinic in North Platte was one of those places giving out free skin cancer tests.

"The second aspect of [melanoma] is detection", said Dr. Kulkarni. "Many times people are concerned about a raised spot that's fine, but there's another concerning one near it that they think is nothing", Day says.

Breslin estimates that she's had 50 cases of skin cancer Five of those cases have been the most deadly type of skin cancer: melanoma. "A lot of young women visit tanning beds", said O'Donnell. That's why it's important that you get checked.

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Sun exposure is the biggest and most preventable risk for melanoma.

The campaign aims to save lives by teaching the public how to identify the warning signs of melanoma, perform a skin self-exam and find free SPOTmeĀ® skin cancer screenings in their area. That's why he recommends sun screen everytime you go outside.

The Canadian Cancer Society has access to a tan cam that can pick up on sun damage that would not necessarily be visible without the use of technology, McAuley said. And do you know what to look for? But melanoma was the last thing on her mind when her symptoms started, by the time, she was 23.

It is estimated one in six Canadians born in the 1990s are at risk of developing skin cancer.